Next Gen Blog Network Suite

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Not Long To Go Now!,

Search Zombie a software suite like no other.  Search zombie does not just manage PBNs and Blog networks,  builds it for you from start to finish, using next gen technology to not only block digital footprints but create positive, natural footprints based on market and trend data.  

  • Find valuable aged domains and buy with one click
  • Build your site on mixed platforms in line with market trends
    (WordPress, Drupral, Jumla,  Square space and Raw HTML) all with one click
  • Randomized themes and plugins
  • Recover old website, content and site structure
  • Monitor Links from your portal
  • Each site has its own ‘virtual author’ each with their own location, IP , Machine type, Name address and interests.
  • We only use ‘real’ big name hosts
  • Next gen tracking, monitoring and automated updates

And we are just getting started !!! 


Anyone who had built a PBN  knows that it still works, and I mean seriously works as a way of boosting rankings to their money site.

However, like all aspects of SEO it has evolved massively  over the last 10 years, and with Google now using AI and machine learning to super charge their tool kit, the time and cash investment involved in building a quality PBN can be huge.

Introducing Search Zombie. 

Search Zombie saves hundreds if not thousands of pounds a month by turning a 4 hour process into less than 15 minuets. and then uses the latest machine learning and AI to monitor and manage the sites to make sure there is no negative footprint.   In fact we go a step further and build a positive footprint around your sites.


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